The macaques of Devarayanadurga

April 7, 2008

One of the fauna that kept us endlessly entertained at Devarayanadurga was the Bonnet Macaque, which we call the common monkey….

We started by seeing them with their fur aglow in the early morning light….

the halo before the yawn

Even a sleepy yawn looked beautiful:

the yawn devarayanadurga 050408

The males were really enjoying grooming, and being groomed by, each other. Just look at the stance of this guy...if that isn't enjoyment, what is? how to enjoy being groomed 050408 It was fun to watch several "family" units like this: macaque family d r durga 050408 And I concentrated on one mother and child: macaque mother and child d durga 050408 Ooh, the little one was shy, and peeped out of his hiding place in Mommy's arms! hiding near mommy Here are two youngsters: two youngsters 050408 Here's a close-up on one. Macaques must be a very worried lot, can you imagine, all those wrinkles at that young age! :) macaque portrait While on our way home, we passed the fencing, and near there, found this group of them in their huddling behaviour: the hudde one While we watched, another young one came along to join in: the huddle two And successfully got into the group, too.... the huddle three But, suddenly, the female snarled and threw him out....and you can see the disappearing paw as the monkey ran like a flash out of range of the beating! the huddle four devarayanadurga 050408

With these antics, one never knows the time goes! But the rest of our sightings were fantastic too…if EVER this internet connection (no, no loose connections, I wish that were the case!) allows me to post pics to Flickr and post to LJ....