February 12, 2008

Where does this pain come from? She’s grown up, her own woman, Leading a full life: Happy in her world. She’s loving, welcomes me always, The leaves of her home and heart unfurled.

Then where does detachment flee to? Where’s my philosophy? Why this terrible, can’t-breathe pain? Why does this umbilical cord,that comes from the heart, Trouble me again and again?

I have a great life in my own home, Friends and dear ones waiting for me Halfway across the earth. Why,then, these pangs of separation… Why does pain always come with birth?

And a child’s pain is special: One feels it, I think, sometimes, As much as the daughter does…twice as much: When she screams it’s I who shed tears The pain of a mother’s love is such.

Never have a child or adopt one.. There’s just too much pain in maternal love. Love pulled me to her side in just a few hours; Being with her always feels complete… But bearing separation seems…now..beyond my powers.

I know I will be happy again, Feel complete and fulfilled.. All of it without my child at my side. I will be content and peaceful once more But right now the wound in my heart gapes so wide…

Do not be attached…the song of the Gita Is a lesson I seem to have read. But it’s not one I have yet learnt: To keep my distance from attachment’s fires, To be serene,not get repeatedly burnt.