Butterflies and Flowers...

February 4, 2008

I need Madhusmita …or someone…to id all these butterflies, as I lost the piece of paper on which I had written some of them down…

First, let me start with this wonderful incident. Little Tammy came into the Insectarium, and promptly, this butterfly landed on her finger, sending her into squeals of delight:

Butterfly at St Louis Zoo 270108

Here she is, with the St Louis Zoo volunteer behind her:

Tammy, with the volunteer behind her St Louis Zoo

There is a big difference between these pics and the last lot of pics that I had posted...those were with KM's Canon 20D; these are with my Canon S3. Comments welcome, please! paper kite st louis zoo 260108 Another view of the Paper Kite on Ixora flowers paper kite on ixora flowers A lovely butterfly with "scalloped" edges for wings, sitting on the lantana flowers which are such a weed in Bangalore: (I think it's the Indian Fritillary) b'fly with fringed wing use Here's what I think is the Great Eggfly: great eggfly This one I included as it looks so "butterfly-ey" but it's the dried seeds on a bush: dry leaves and seeds on tree A bronze-black b'fly that I can't remember the id of: bronze-black b'fly And one of this butterfly near the Hibiscus flowers: bronze b'fly on hibiscus flowers I would call this one the tiger, with the colour and the stripes, so of course, that is NOT what it would be called: tiger-striped long wing b'fly I think this is the Common Monarch: common monarch I think This one I remember, it's the Zebra Longwing: zebra longwing This one is also orange and has four rings, wonder what it's called...Peacock Pansy? orange four rings (?) Here's an old butterfly (has been in many battles and has half his wings torn off...it's a miracle that he is still able to fly around!....it's sitting on the Plumbago flower. old b'fly on plumbago plant And here's an Atlas Moth, one of the largest I have seen... atlas moth (huge moth, just got out from pupa and dried its wings) Another bright copper-sulphate fronted b'fly, would like an id: copper sulphate wing b'fly I would call this a six-ring, of course, I would be wrong.... six ring bfly And now for some flowers: The Hibiscus: yellow hibiscus Those were yellow; here's a regular red one,with the plumbago flowers in the background: red hibiscus 260108 Here's the sun shining through a lovely pinkish one: hibiscus flower Some un id wildflower with a lovely pink complex inflorescence: pink screwpine type flower You can see the Ixora flowers that the Paper Kite above is sitting on.. And here's an un id purple lily-like flower: un id pink wildflower And some wildflower outside, flowering on the sere winter branches: wild flower Here's another flower that I call the Mango-and-Vanilla flower: orange ice cream flower

I am closing with this ornamental plant that looks like a flower itself:

ornamental plant un id

More pics later…! But meanwhile, here’s a lovely tale about butterflies, from <LJ user=”madrasi_in_mo”…