January 25, 2008

Wouldn’t each of us like to have one of these?

safe place fire station st louis 240108

Charles Schulz, who created “Peanuts”, once defined childhood as the ability to go to sleep in the back of the car (which reminds me of one of 's posts about safety and driving, but I won't go there now)....each of us would like to have a "safe place" where harm and sadness and loss cannot reach us....but in reality, the safe place is what we create, in our own minds and hearts. And there is, truly no absolutely "safe" place in the world; because we bring our problems with us; unless we shut them out ourselves, no haven can be one.

Reminds me of the story of the king whose astrologers foretold his death; he decided to create a safe place for himself, and completely sealed himself inside a “safe” room. At the appointed hour, he died because the room collapsed on him. Yathin, that story, too, was brought to my mind because of your latest post on fate!

Fate…but as the Gujrati said, fate is at least more tasty than carbohydrates!

PS. this sign was outside the Fire Station. Ironic that the fire engines (fire trucks, out here) , a few days ago, put out the fire and made a soaking wet charred ruin of what someone, until the day before, had probably considered THEIR safe place….