Mischief....and personalities....

January 19, 2008

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Kavya knows about sharing. She will share your things:-)

Other day I noticed she had two candies, one was in her mouth. The other she said was for Snehakka. Then in the evening both of them were upstairs in the library, when she came running down, enquiring about the sweet she had kept for her Snehakka. She located it, and brought a pair of scissors to open and took it up.

Later during dinner time we asked Sneha about the sweet. “What sweet?” says Sneha. And you should have seen the look on Kavya’s face;-)

She sometimes joins me when I am eating peanuts. However she loves cashewnuts more. And so when I am having that she will be sitting right next and eating it one at a time. Always keeping a close eye on the remaining quantity. Once it comes down to say 5 or 6, she simply picks the bowl and moves away.

That set me off, here’s my reply:

just fanTAStic. Enjoyed that SOOO much.

The difference between the personalities of two children in the same home was brought home tellingly to me once. Our upstairs neighbour had a son and a daughter, 3 and 2 years old. First the 3 year old boy came down, and I gave him a toffee. “One for Tallu!” he said, so I gave him one for his little sister, and watched as, without eating the one he had, he rushed back upstairs. A little later, the little girl came down and said, “Toffee?” I gave her one, and she said, “One for Adit!” so I gave her another. She then retired behind my front door where she thought I could not see her… ate both, and then went upstairs.

This is going to be a post on my LJ. Fie on you Mr Prem Kudva. At 1.30 am I was just going to sleep when I thought I would just check my friends’ list and now because of you I must make another post. Very bad, very bad.

Your children are angelic even in their devilishness!

Read this word for word in my LJ. ;))))