Images from Forrest Park

January 16, 2008

Went for a nice brisk walk in the cold, and here are some things I spotted:

Lindell Boulevard has a very interesting past; after World War II, the houses on this boulevard were actually offered for sale at one dollar each, with the proviso that the owner would have to maintain these historic houses to the town’s standards (can you imagine a plan like that in India???)…here’s a truly beautiful sculpture that I found on one of the lawns:

From one side (naturally what I want to photograph is always in the shade, remember Law, Murphy’s, Deponti, always applicable to?) :

another view of sculpture on Lindell

From the other side….

sculpture on Lindell Blvd near forrest park 150108

Isn’t that really delightful?

And there was a perfect outbreak of communism on the golf course in Forrest Park….!

flags golf course forrest park st louis 150108 use

I do love walking around, wherever I am, provided it isn’t too hot. Cold weather suits me perfectly, I think I was a polar bear in my last birth!