The B R Hills trip, 030108

January 8, 2008

As called up and said he, and a couple of college friends were going to the K.Gudi property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts , the temptation to visit this favourite property of ours, and also spend a little time with Chirdeep and Anirudh was too much to we quickly made our bookings and executed a quick sneak very early on the morning of the 3rd, accompanied by for whom the combination of Chirdeep, Anirudh, B R Hills, and a chance to drive the CR-V was also irresistible!

I will have to do a separate post on the Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple at B R Hills, and one on Ranganathittu….there was just so much to see and I captured about 1/1000th of it on camera…!

Chirdeep had indicated that it was a kind of old boys’ get-together for them, and they would prefer to be separate…but we still managed to bump into each other at Kamath Lokaruchi on the highway! We did both the safaris together, though, and since I had not been able to meet him on his last trip, and his stay in Chicago has been extended further, it was nice to say hi to him. It was also a JLRNTP meet, with Chirdeep,Nahar and myself from the March 06 batch (Vikrant from our batch was in Blr and we couldn’t meet him, alas) , and Anirudh from the March 07 batch…and an INW meet as KM, myself, Amogh,Chirdeep, and Anirudh all post there!

We passed Mysore, seeing the landmark Chamundi Hill, with the Rajendra Vilas Palace perched in silhouette atop it, on the way:

rajendra vilas palace chamundi hill mysore 030108

We entered the Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary,sorry, Sanctury….

brt sanctuary board

And had to stop as there were so many birds in the trees around! We managed to get a picture of this beautiful female SMALL MINIVET...(note how, as usual, the head alone is in the shadow, to prevent me from getting the catchlight in its eye...what is it with these birds??) small  minivet  female And there were these three BLACK DRONGOS, looking for all the world as if they were gossiping away to glory... three yakking drongos When we finally moved on, we screeched to a halt almost immediately, to admire this CRESTED SERPENT EAGLE that KM spotted quite close to the road.. crested serpent eagle b r hills 030108 and a closeup: crested serpent eagle 030108 b r hills At journey's end, here's the temple at K.Gudi, just before one enters the JLR property: K gudi temple near JLR Note the tiger chasing the deer on the wall of the temple! And here are the elephants at K.Gudi camp, Kyatha and Kavita: kyatha and kavita, elephants at K Gudi JLR After lunch and a nap, we took the evening safari and one in the morning, too, AND a trip to the Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple, before leaving, coming home via Ranganathittu Bird are some images from the safaris: CHITAL,or SPOTTED DEER: spotted deer b r hills 040108 and the beauty of the males' antlers in the sunlight, against the green: antler highlights b r hills chital 040108 SAMBAR, another variety of deer: sambhar deer And the MUNTJAC or BARKING DEER .... muntjac or barking deer 040108 We spotted the GREY JUNGLEFOWL pair near the road (usual bird behaviour..when they spot DM and camera, they make sure that the eye is hidden and that they are facing away!) grey junglefowl male 040108 grey junglefowl female 040108 Narayan, our guide, actually reversed into the track where this female elephant was, as he had heard reports of her aggressive behaviour. She had another elephant with her, but as I was in the front of the vehicle, I only had a view of the backs of the others in the jeep! aggressive female elephant Here are some GAUR, or INDIAN BISON: gaur and calf b r hills 030108 And here's one OD'ing on grass! gaur in the grass I spotted this lovely insect far enough away that I tried using the 300mm lens as a macro! 20 D and 300mm+ 1.2x tc used as a macro.... And I took this pretty, though very common, wildflower: spiny wildflower b r temple area Here are a few landscapes: B R Hills 040108 dried tree scenery b r hills scenery b r hills At the B R Temple, we saw this BLUE ROCK THRUSH; according to my "Grimmskipp", it's the winter male... blue rock thrush winter male And KM spotted this delightful huddle... How to sleep 040108 We saw WILD BOAR, GOLDEN ORIOLES, SUNBIRDS, and lots of other flora and fauna which I didn't, or couldn't, capture on camera!

I am closing with this photograph of the sunrise through the thick mist as we drove off from Bangalore towards BR Hills , I thought of you!)

sunrise on 030108 going to B R Hills

and I hope you enjoyed the e-trip to the Kyathadevarayanagudi area of B R Hills!