The birds of Kanha and some of Pune

December 31, 2007

Here are some of the birds we saw; with the exception of a few, they are all birds that can be seen just outside Bangalore, too! But it was no less enjoyable to sight them in distant Madhya Pradesh.


siberian stonechat male kanha 221207

and the female…

siberian stonechat female kanha

The EURASIAN THICKNEE, which used to be called the STORM CURLEW.... eurasian thicknee kanha 231207 A couple of COLLARED SCOPS OWLS, peacefully sitting in the tree: collared scops owls,kanha, 221207 Later, we saw just one in the tree: collared scops owl single 2312 A LITTLE GREBE, making lovely patterns in the water: little grebe kanha 231007 The YELLOW-FOOTED GREEN PIGEON: yellow-footed green pigeon 2312 WHITE-RUMPED VULTURES feeding off a predator's kill: vultures feeding off a kill 231207 and landing on a tree nearby: vultures landing on tree 2312 A RUFOUS TREEPIE feeding: rufous treepie feeding on figs 2212 This bird would NOT give us a good shot all the time we were at Kanha; but when we had packed our cameras, and took the taxi on the ghat road from Kanha down towards Nagpur, sat in the light at at least seven places and I swear they were all smiling mockingly at us, I want to call it the Mockingbird! rufous treepie feeding on figs 2212 The JUNGLE PRINIA: jungle prinia 2412 The JUNGLE OWLET: (our uzliss guide insisted it was the Forest Owlet, thanks, for confirming my first, and correct, id) jungle owlet 2412 The GREY WAGTAIL: grey wagtail 2312 The GREATER RACKET-TAILED DRONGO: greater racket-tailed drongo 2312 Let me digress a little here to show some lovely birds which we were able to see in the middle of Pune city, before we went to Kanha: The INDIAN GREY HORNBILL: indian grey hornbill pune 181207 sindh society cosy retreat The COPPERSMITH BARBET, which is becoming much more scarce in Bangalore than its cousin, the small green (white-cheeked) barbet: coppersmith barbet pune These two views of the PURPLE SUNBIRD (eclipse male, thank you Sainath!) purple sunbird eclipse male pune 181207 and purple sunbird eclipse male pune 181207 Let's get back to Kanha.... The birds which I saw for the first time, and have not seen in Karnataka (I don't know, they may be residents/visitors here too; it's just that *I* haven't seen them here!): The LESSER ADUTANT STORK: Lesser Adjutant Stork, Kanha 221207 The ALEXANDRINE PARAKEET: alexandrine parakeet 2312 The BROWN-HEADED BARBET: brown-headed barbets 2312 The SIRKEER MALKOHA, of which I could not get a better shot than this silhouette: sirkeer malkoha silhouette 2312 The BLACK-HOODED ORIOLE: black-hooded oriole 2212 And the CHANGEABLE HAWK EAGLE (also called the crested hawk eagle), though I have seen it before in Karnataka, needs some time to be spent on it, it's such a handsome, majestic bird....once, on a birding trip with Sainath, we spotted it JUST after my camera battery died...and I have waited for another photo-op like this! We saw both the male and female in their nest, which they were busy building up, and one or the other would come out to perch on the branches of one or two trees nearby, and even when they were in the shade, it was delightful to photograph them: changeable hawk eagle preening crested hawk eagle resting changeable (crested) hawk eagle look 2412 </lj-cut> Here's the final photo, of the Hawk Eagle calling to the mate....on INW, I titled this, "Hey! Why don't you come and help with the housework?" changeable hawk eagle calling 2312 Hope you enjoyed the avian tour of Kanha and Pune!