Words of Pain

November 28, 2007

My daughter was very close to someone, until the other girl suddenly moved on…..I stood by, watching my daughter suffer. She had to go through this on her own, and grow by the experience. (We had tried to warn her about the other girl’s selfishness, but she wouldn’t hear a word, loyal friend that she was.)

This was published in Target, the children’s magazine, so I can reproduce it. It was February 1995; she was all of sixteen…

I was always there for you Whenever you needed someone Through trying times and trouble When you were in pain… To share your sorrows…. I don’t understand now How you can forget that I’m there And run off to someone else Passing by me as though I don’t exist. So you need me only in times of strife That I may comfort you But when it comes to sharing happiness It’s not me you want When I need someone–where are you? Not with me…you don’t even know Nor do you care about what I feel When you are with me, you are so full of yourself And your problems that I try to help you with That you never stop to notice my thoughts… I never did matter, I suppose; If I go away, would you miss me? Or just find someone else? You couldn’t miss me for what I am Because you don’t know what I really am. What I am is your friend..but it’s not friendship we share… For that is a two-way street.