Friends on LJ....

November 21, 2007

I do lurrrrv reading the comments on my LJ as much as I like reading my friends’ posts.

I make a post, obviously, with just one thought, or point of view…but my friends’ comments show me so many facets of thinking and opinions. I am taken out of my own narrow view and can see how the same thing, opinion, or fact appears from another perspective. The best way to improve as a human being is to at least try and understand points of views other than one’s own.

And many times, friends are SUCH a source of support and comfort. They say simple, sensible things…the e-shoulders they offer sometimes are every bit as consoling as physically real ones.

Let me not forget to mention the innumerable times that my friends’ comments brings a quick smile, a laugh, and sometimes rolling mirth to me….

LJ has been one of the very nice things that has happened to me.

But that doesn’t mean that I am going in for a paid account! ;-D Letting ads on my page is about as far as I will go!