Cant sleep to save my life....

November 12, 2007

When one is a housewife, EVERYONE thinks they can phone whenever they wish. 95% of the time of course, there is no problem. But today the viral fever which started as a sore throat on Thursday night, worsened with the day in the sun at Mydenahalli on Friday, and developed into a raging fever on Saturday and Sunday, was wreaking havoc. So I was trying to sleep and kept getting calls from….

ShareKhan (made me realize I have not yet registered at the DoNotCallMe or whatever it is that prevents any of these idiots from cold-calling).

My bank manager, to tell me I should have received a courier 5 days ago. Big Deal Mr Manager, you KNOW I haven’t got it yet, that’s why I called you in the morning!

The double-glazed glass guy, saying he can’t come today. Some repairs have to be carried out and for the last month and a half they have been leading me a merry dance.

Someone asking me (I am not joking) why my neighbour opposite is not answering her phone. I want to kill this person, or at least, infect him with my viral fever. When I see him next I am going to KISS him and fill him with Germ-ans. I hope it is truly the kiss of death for him.

My apartment building committee members, SIX times, on the intercom, asking where KM is. And btw that’s another terrible story that I have to tell….later, let me finish this rant.

Well.intentioned friends, three of them…but when you know that someone isn’t well, the afternoon is not the best time to call…I certainly didn’t mind the morning calls!

Oh well…life’s minor irritations!