Save Nanda Road

October 19, 2007

Rashtriya Vidyalaya, or RV Road, is affectionately called Nanda Road, after the Nanda cinema theatre (there were no theatre complexes in the days when it was built) on the road.

We decided to try and do something to save the beautiful trees on this road, which are slated to come under the axe for the proposed Metro.

So here is a reference to a reference:

and decided to start it, and I feel that adding the strength of my words and actions is the least I can do. I wanted to wait and post after we had achieved something...but am realizing that it's going to be a long, weary, frustrating let's garner support and gather strength! The lovely picture of the avenue, with its majestic trees, is by Thank you,,Rohan!...and I have yet to meet you face to face...