Mahatma Gandhi....

October 2, 2007

Gandhi has been iconized and reduced to an arty few line-delineations and I wonder how many Indians even think of him as anything other than a portrait to be garlanded….

I feel that we are watching the process of the deification of Gandhi, and in a couple of centuries’ time, he will be like Rama or Krishna…

On a wildlife and corruption note, my Metroblogs post on a wildlife documentary screening that I attended today:

How do we fight corruption? Especially when we seem to give in to it in small ways if not in the large context? Where do I draw the line? I let an auto driver overcharge me yesterday, and shrugged it off…I didn’t say anything when my apartment residents association give a yearly “gift” to ensure a better water connection….how then, can I have the moral authority to talk about a poor Forest guard who allows a slender loris to be killed so that his family can have better food and schooling?

(A few years ago, our apartment building committee decided to take a strong stand against the yearly “gift” demanded by the water Board people; and as a result, water to our apartments was cut off, only trickling in. For two months, people with elders and infants in their homes suffered, until finally the association had to capitulate,the size of the “gift” was doubled, and peace, and the water supply, were restored….)