Wild flowers, leaves and history at Nandi Hills

October 1, 2007

Apart from the birds that we try to spot, Nandi Hills is such a beautiful spot for seeing majestic trees that have grown untrammelled, and a variety of wild flowers, plus many historic spots.

Because of the rain, the tree trunks are full of moss and lichen, and this picture of a millipede amongst the moss appealed to me:

millipede in the moss

So, too, did this picture of this leaf with the raindrops on it:

raindrops on a leaf...

There was this wild balsam plant: balsam And there was the morning glory: morning glory nandi hills There were several lime trees with their characteristic white flowers: lime flowers And then there were these flowers which I can't identify: un id wildflower un id wild flower nandi hills un id wildflower (very common) wild flower on the rock pink wild flower Then there was this fruit tree which looked rather similar to the custard-apple tree: un id fruit And, of course, history walks hand-in-hand with Nature at Nandi Hills. Tippu Sultan (click on this for the Wiki entry) has been a historic name associated with this area from the 18th century. Here's the lodge that Tipu "used occasionally as a summer residence" tipu's lodge nandi hills The beauty of the lodge is set off by the depressing blandness of the modern building behind it! Here's the board giving information: tipu's summer palace "nandi durga" And the plaque on the building itself: tipu's lodge plaque And here's KM clicking us from the arch of the building: KM the photographer This old building is in the area where the nursery is now; you can see the rows of pots behind the building: old building in the nursery area nandi hills 300907 And here's another view of an old pavilion, which will give you an idea of how verdant the place looks: verdant area nandi hills old building Even the water-tank, built much later, has its own sense of history. Here are the water-lilies blooming in the tank: water lilies Here's another angle: another view of the water tank nandi hills And the plaque about its construction: nandi hills water works That's nore than 70 years old!

With History,Geography,Botany, Zoology,Ornithology, all going hand in hand to produce so much beauty, is it any wonder that Nandi Hills should be one of the prime attractions of a visitor to Bangalore? I enjoy the place on many different levels when I visit!