Memo to me....

September 28, 2007

Note: must ALWAYS ensure that I have a nice looong time when I go to my friends’ LJ’s; never to go visiting when I am rushing out for something else; there will be interesting anecdotes, intriguing accounts, arresting photographs, amazing insights,without fail, and I have to tear myself away…

I took more than 20 minutes just savouring 's photos today...Yathin, it's all your fault that my schedule got completely whacked out of tune and time!

Meanwhile, “chumma” (which means, “just like that, for no reason at all” in Tamizh) here are two pictures, one of a roadside wildflower:

un id wildflower on blr roadside 250907

And a common garden flower, don’t ask me its name, in fact, TELL me if you know…

panneer malli...what is the name in English?

In fact, if someone knows the name of that lovely flower that I found growing out of a crack in the pavement, let me know that, too….

Update: my preceptor, Karthik, says it is Caesalpinia pulcherima. So that’s that!