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September 16, 2007

The only birding photography I did was a while ago, when I went to Bannerghatta Forest area and spotted these INDIAN SILVERBILLS…

silverbills at Bannerghatta 180807

to Lalbagh one morning by myself, and I saw this LITTLE CORMORANT sunning itself,

cormorant sunning itself lalbagh 070907


spot billed pelican on tree 070907 lalbagh

one in flight,

spot billed pelican in flight lalbagh 070907

and a LITTLE GREBE in breeding plumage…

little grebe in breeding plumage lalbagh 070907

But a few days ago I went to the Press Club of Bangalore, in Cubbon Park, with a friend of mine and I found these common but beautiful ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS in the tree:

Rose-ringed Parakeets Press Club Blr 110907

All very well for famous birders to say “Birds are all around us”…the only ones we normally get to see are the KMC combination…Kite,Mynah, Crow! Well, at least there are more sparrows around in the suburbs now, that’s really something…

And our BARN OWL conservation group is going ahead, and has fabricated nest boxes; now we will be putting them up in suitable locations…real estate construction in Bangalore is also, literally, for the birds!