The Back of a Van...

September 13, 2007

It has been a busy few days; several plays to attend, a friend to help with her boutique setting-up, two weddings today…I am never very comfortable when I don’t have spare time, I like to be a person of leisure!

But one thing I do nowadays is cart along my beloved S3 wherever, and whenever…when I went to see what festivities were happening for the 1000th performance of Ranga Shankara, I was able to make this photo-post for Metroblogs:

and this morning, when we returning from Wedding no.2, this caught my eye:

back of a van 130907

The blue,green,brown and yellow, and the rounded, ripe shape of the fruit..don’t they make a lovely picture! ...don't look! ;-)

We have such a wide variety of bananas and plantains in our country, from the cheap to the rather expensive (not very, because bananas are always at the cheap end of the spectrum for fruit…it’s those New Zealand apples and kiwi fruits that make you feel like locking them up carefully after you buy them!)…my favourites are the green banana, and the elakki, a tiny banana that has the faint, elusive flavour of cardamom which gives it the name.

Banana….as the little girl said, “I know how to spell ‘banana’…I just don’t know when to stop!”