September 13, 2007

I have always been a bit of a non-conformist on the issue of clothing…I have never bothered to go by the latest (or indeed, some of the fashions that have been prevailing for a while), and refuse to typecast people because of the clothes they wear. I irritate my same-age friends with my opinion that on young, pretty girls, somewhat revealing clothing looks really great…if they can’t take pride in their young, lovely bodies now, when can they? Certainly not at the age when body parts, instead of obeying the F-dictates( those of fashion), start obeying the G-dictates (those of gravity).

But today, it was brought forcibly home to me that there IS, indeed such a thing as dressing appropriately to one’s age, and according to the culture that one belongs to….I saw a lady who is my age dressed in a manner that was neither suited to her age nor her very thin figure…I realize that I, personally, prefer someone to err on the side of pleasant plumpness than Twiggy scrawniness/

I also have a theory about adornment….that when a woman is young, she doesn’t need too many ornaments because her youth is ornament enough; and when she is older, she shouldn’t have too many ornaments because it,sometimes, only accentuates the wrinkles and the lack of youthful freshness. Like in all things, I feel that jewellery and dressing up should also be in moderation….

No, I don’t think I am being catty,because I know something of the lady I am talking about and she is a really sweet-natureed person….the close friend of a close friend.

Good quality clothing, with a good cut and style, to me, are forever. I have followed the same style of saree blouses and salwar kameezes now for many, many years (saves me endless trouble with the tailor, and worries about keeping up with the Joan-ses!) and when one catty person told me I lacked style, I remarked that that was my style.

Asha Bhosle was once asked what she thought about remixes of old songs. “Not good,” she said. “No matter how much jewellery an older woman wears…an older woman IS an older woman!”