The Photographer...and The Singer

September 11, 2007

Got this snap of a craftsman receiving some help to fine-tune his “instrument”….

the photographer

This was at H N Kalakshetra, which has been a hub for Kannada theatre. This was the first time I have visited the hall, and it had excellent acoustics…And the Kannada play was very good, too. This…how shall I put it, authentic Kannada theatre, and the ambience was very different from that of Ranga Shankara,somehow…

Will either be writing the review for the Bangalore Mirror, or more likely, posting it to Metroblogs, which will not make me constipate the report into 300 words…

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my friend who was the reason why I went to the Kannada play…she has a golden liquid-honey voice (apart from looking like that) and was one of the lead background singers in the play, though all the singers sat in plain view throughout the play.

One of the singers, Swayamvaraloka

She was as well worth watching as the play was….