Allergy in the Letters of the English Alphabet

September 4, 2007

Feeling rather down tod-A My ear looks as if it was stung by a B Out of my right eye I can hardly C Normally my health is robust and har-D Health issues don’t normally trouble m-E Today, though, I feel blind and d-F All because of this aller-G Which, in Africa, I seemed to c-H Sometimes it’s itching of the I My mood is just as blue as a J My spirits on the floor along with the par-K This allergy seems to have come from L With sneezing, and lots of phl-M I wish the doctor would tell me wh-N I will be myself again! O, That I could be bright once more, and hap-P The doc would get a big than-Q If I could keep from sneezing for 30 minutes…or an R That would make me happy,I conf-S. I would behave with sani-T Instead of hiding from people’s v-U As I scratch and look comtase and hea-V (Hmm..I don’t know how to write the W In my literary muscles I don’t have fl-X!) I feel so dull..I wonder Y I have to struggle with this aller-Z… (Oh, do you pronounce Z as Z? OK, there’s that pronounciation, instead!)

Surprising, the depths to which I can descend when I don’t have anything worthwhile to write about. Ah-CHOOO! Oh, my goodness,it’s been four weeks now, hope I get better soon!