Bannerghatta forest area....

August 21, 2007

Taken in the Bannerghatta forest area, 180807…thanks to and Geetanjali ...they are great at spotting things!

snail under calatropis leaf Bannerghatta 180807

A Baronet…

un id b'fly, maybe Baronet

And some lovely name-not-known flowers (er, now I am naming them with help from Madhusmita Dutta of the JLRNTP group)

This, she says, is a PASSION FLOWER (what a lovely name!)

un id flower 180807

and this one is a FLAME LILY:

un id flower

un id seedpod

This flower was all over the hillsides…

un id magenta flower

and this one is unknown,too…

un id wildflower

A baby Rock Agama…

baby rock agama

And really amazing..this “flower” started moving across the leaf and I realized it was an insect!

Madhu says this is a kind of MEALY BUG:

"flower" was only because it was moving that we realized it is an insect!

Could someone help me with the id’s? Thanks!