Silverbills at Bannerghatta

August 20, 2007

Here’s my image of these beautiful little birds, the Silverbills, at Bannerghatta forest area yesterday:

silverbills at Bannerghatta 180807

Here’s 's pic (with a slightly different background but taken at the same time)

Definitely brings home to the viewer the way post-processing can improve an image. I shoot in jpeg, because to me, the content of the photo is still more important, and also, post-processing is very time-consuming, and I want to post my pics immediately. Even the delay on being able to post my last lot of Lake Manyara pics to Flickr is tough for me!

So that shows why I am an adequate photographer while others are good! But I think I am happy in my comfortable mediocrity…I am no Margaret Bourke-White!