welcome a ffriend

August 13, 2007


welcome to LiveJournal!

I met him when I went to meet the people who took the Naturalists’ Training Program in May this year, and we obviously have our love for nature and wildlife in common…we did a day trip to Manchinabele Dam, and visited the Animal Rescue Shelters in Kengeri and Bannerghatta….but now we share another interest, too, and that’s cycling, as you can see from his entry. (Of course my LRT (Little Rattle Trap) is nothing like the sleek machine he has got from ....

I am glad to see from his LJ that Nisarg, his friend, has got back to Bangalore after the camera-trap project in Bandipur which he was working on with Andre Pittet.

Welcome, Adarsh, looking forward to reading what you have to say.