Less Sugar....

June 14, 2007

Finally, thanks to a friend, I went and saw “Cheeni Kum”…and except for the really melodious music, and some very nice dialogue, I don’t really see what the fuss is about…I think audiences accept the romance between a 64 year old man and a 34 year old woman because Amitabh looks fit, and not 64 at all. And of course, Tabu is very beautiful and her face is so expressive (she is, I think, my favouritest actress.)I wonder what the reaction would have been if they had used a balding, paunchy hero…or if it had been a 64 year old woman and a 34 year old man….

The character of that precocious, wiseacre, cancer-ridden child grated on me throughout. A child called Sexy, who tells the heroine,”The hero is sleeping with me, on my bed”….who gives the hero sassy advice….I think children should NOT be portrayed as mini-adults, which is what I have against many of the old Indian (Tamizh, Hindi, etc) tear-jerkers in which impossibly angelic adult-children manipulate the emotions of their elders..Pollyanna is a name that comes to mind.

But the amazing thing is that, instead of shrugging off the movie, I am still thinking about it…

Laptop update…still in computer hospital.

KM has been doing various things to HIS laptop, so this is the only time I get to use it!