The crapola that Authorised Service Centres perpetrate

June 12, 2007

I took my Toshiba to the Authorized Service Centre at Manipal Centre in Ulsoor….they said that there was a Rs.1000 inspection charge and probably I would have to pay Rs.24,000 for a new screen….

This laptop is over 4 years old…that is, it is prehistoric in computer terms. Why on EARTH would I pay Rs.1000 to have someone just LOOK at it?

So I did what I should have done earlier…took it to the local (9th Block, hardly 15 min walk away) hardware guy who said that my fluorescent tube had gone phut, and some other small stuff, which would cost Rs.4000. He also advised me that as of now my laptop will work, but that it is aging, and I could think of replacement. However, he also told me that a screen replacement, if I wanted it, would cost Rs.18,000 (compare to the Rs.24,000 that the Authorised Service Centre was going to charge.)

Humph. Toshiba A S C indeed. I can think of another word starting with A that would better describe them than the word Authorised.

The Gun (KM…Tamizh people have a habit of saying Mogun instead of Mohan) is back, and I am tapping away on his laptop…and also somewhat coveting it at the same time…a very lightweight Fujitsu….

I did manage to spend the 18 days he was away quite productively and fruitfully and all that…but…it’s nice to have the spouse back….