Birds of the Manchinabele Area

June 6, 2007

Since Sachin and Neelu were nice enough to take and me along on their outing to Manchinabele Dam, and we met up with Adarsh and Nisarg on the way, we had a really nice time on Sunday morning...the focus may have been birding to begin with, but the beauty of the place and many aspects of it also caught our eye....

Here’s the beauty of the Manchinabele Catchment Area, with Savandurga in the distance:

Manchinabele Catchment Area, 3 Jun 07

For a while, all thoughts of birding disappeared from our minds as we just took in the scene….

Can you see two swallows sitting on the wires? There’s a picture of one of them under the cut!

At the time, a group of bikers went just past us and stopped and were taking pictures too. I almost called out to them, asking if one of them was but felt it would be too foolish to do that...and lo and behold, I find the identical picture on his LJ entry yesterday! In fact, we kept stopping on the way to Manchinabele Dam, which was our destination, because we heard a lot of bird calls and saw some of them fact, we never finally reached the dam at all, but spent a lot of time in the catchment area (where we saw the butterflies, and the Rock Agama, that I posted about earlier.) Here we are, on the road, having stopped the car for the umpteenth time.... Sachin, Neelu, Nisarg, Adarsh (Anush was looking at some Rollers nearby) In fact, whatever each of us spotted (some WHITE-BROWED WAGTAILS dancing on the nylon netting of a nursery, or a couple of INDIAN ROLLERS that Anush saw in a distant tree) kept us busy for a long time, and we had to remind ourselves to move on. Here's a Jerdon's Bushlark that we spotted, doing the typical fly-high-in-the-air-and-then-land-in-the-field acrobatics... I quickly snapped the bird as it sat on a wire! Jerdon's Bushlark Sachin spotted this WHITE-BROWED BULBUL sitting on a tree; it was difficult to get a shot without an obstructing branch... White Browed Bulbul As we moved on, the RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS started coming out and flying in the air, hawking for insects. Here's one perched on the wire, with his long wings... Red-Rumped Swallow The beauty of a date palm in full fruit was too good to miss... Dates on the Palm Tree and here's a close-up of the dates (do 365 dates make a calendar?) Dates on the Palm And this cute little relief of Ganesha on the wall of a nearby temple: Bas Relief of Ganesha from a temple There were several lilies blooming in the nearby ponds: Lilies in the Pond I caught this JUNGLE CROW preening himself, near an insulator on a power cable; I liked the black-and-white composition. Jungle Crow and Insulator We spent a long time watching this HOOPOE, which I spotted near some houses; he and his mate had a nest under the tiles of a house, and were busy bringing food in for the nestlings. Hoopoe in the House... Here he( or she? I don't know!) is, with a tasty morsel for the babies... Hoopoe and Snack And here is a RACKET-TAILED DRONGO, many of which we saw in the nearby fields. Oh...., an experienced birder, seems to have some doubt that this is a racket-tailed drongo, so I am changing the caption to: Possibly a BLACK DRONGO: Racket-Tailed Drongo For a more complete list of birds that we spotted, see Neelu's list on their blog at </lj-cut> All in all, a great morning, and Anush, Adarsh, Nisarg and I were going to meet up again at the Snake workshop later in the day(actually, 12 of us from the JLRNTP group were there!)...a lovely way to spend a Sunday! Thank you, Sachin and Neelu, for the great opportunity!