Grinding Stone and Granite Post Two Images from the Bandipur Trip

May 31, 2007

While we were on the trip, I saw, in the Gopalaswamy temple, this grinding stone which has fallen into disuse:

Hollow with Stones

Grinding stone hollow

Normally, soaked rice or lentils are put into the hollow and the round grinding stone is rolled into it and round and round by hand to do the “wet” grinding. A great way of grinding, providing both exercise and a no-electricity method…but now, of course, “wet grinders” and “mixies” (food processors) are ubiquitous. Hence this grinding stone hollow was full of …well…stones, and rainwater…

And I somehow love this image, the granite post seems to be a “rock of ages”, still for eternity, while the world around it whizzes by at high speed…I took it from our jeep on safari.

Standstill and Speed

Granite post and effects

Love playing with that camera!