The Rain...

May 24, 2007

I had not had a single thought worth posting today..but then, the rain began.

It started with a sudden drop in the ambient temperature; the clouds gathered; I knew that the rain was impending, but didn’t know if it would be a passing shower, a city-paralyzing lashing like we received yesterday, or a steady downpour.

Turns out it’s the latter. It’s raining steadily..and here’s summer, as depicted by the Gul Mohar blooms, and its end, depicted in the wet road and the wet people:

Rain May 24 07 one

The dust was gone in an instant and everything was cool and green. Here, the summer is in the mangoes on the tree and the end of it is the shine on the leaves…

Rain May 24 07 two

The earlier showers meant some people were prepared. Here's someone with a parasol, but I liked the wet auto too.... Rain May 24 07 three And some couples shared their shelter. The lady had an umbrella that went well with her saree! And you can get an idea of the tremendous variety of vehicles that use our roads.... Rain May 24 07 four And...grey clouds and green trees, my favourite combination of colours in Nature... Rain May 24 07 five

Viva la Monsoon….just today the newspapers said it’s going to be delayed, so I hope it’s here!