Whos that?

May 19, 2007

Three in One 19 May 07 Bannerghatta Nat'l Park JLR

T1 to T2 and T3, as our van approaches on the safari:

“What do you think that noise is? I seem to hear some voices.”


“What else, one of those mobile tins of meat… Metal covered food on wheels… that we’re not supposed to eat. Such noisy meat and the tin too…do you really suppose That I want to open my eyes to see some of those?”


“Will you two shut up…you go yap, yap, yap… Let’s get on with our afternoon nap! If tourists want some tigers on the prowl, Tigers that will roar and fearsomely growl, Let them go to B R Hills or to Bandipur– They’ll get no ferocity on the Bannerghatta tour!”

Yes, yes, I know I am very sleepy, but I couldn’t resist posting that..!