Images from JP Nagar Reserve Forest

May 12, 2007

Today’s birding was not of the best; managed to get a shot of this Purple-Rumped Sunbird with a little insect in its mouth:

Purple Rumped Sunbird with Insect, 12 May 07

There were these two un-id’d fruits..No, an anonymous reader informs me that this is the “Karvanda” fruit:

Fruit, J P Nagar Reserve Forest

The same reader, and Madhusmita Dutta who took the JLRNTP earlier than I did, tell me that this one is a dried Sitaphal (custard apple) (though it did appear very much smaller than a custard apple to ME):

Un id'd fruit, JP Nagar Reserve Forest

and this frond, waving in the breeze, waiting to disperse its seeds:

Wind Dispersed Seeds, JPNagar Reserve Forest, 12 May 07

But most of all, I loved this peaceful scene:

Communing with Nature

Such a scene of togetherness and communion with Nature…I was just wishing that KM and I are like this….and just then, the lady pulled out a mobile, and yakked steadily into it for the rest of the time that I could see them!