What not to do

April 24, 2007

This one’s for , who has asked for some pictures from me, but instead of posting the pics she is asking for, I am posting something that will hopefully make her smile and forget her travails for a while!

Everyone takes bird photographs. And some superb ones are posted on various fora everywhere, including Live Journal. Each photo draws “oohs” and “aahs” in plenty.

But then there are the people like me. Birds do NOT co-operate with me. Just as I aim and click, they decide they have urgent business elsewhere. And hence, photographs like the one below result.

I bet no birder has ever posted a picture of the back half of a female Asian Koel…

How not to take a pic of a Female Asian Koel

Bird photography rules are:

  1. Do not take pictures like this.

  2. If you do, delete such a picture from your hard disk or camera asap. In fact, if you do, better sell your camera and give up photography altogether and perhaps take up chess or rock-climbing as a hobby.

  3. Whatever you do, do not post such ridiculous photographs on the net.

But I did want to show how difficult it is to get those %^%$ birds, and how one must appreciate every lovely bird photograph, understanding what tortures the photographer must have gone through to get one good picture like that!