At LAST.....

April 12, 2007

I must say, I have not found the summer this year very bad; but I was still longing for those first showers….yesterday there was apparently a downpour but not where I was….but just now, the air suddenly cooled, the breeze blew up, and the rain in pouring down now…oh, how wonderful is that first smell of the wet earth, as the parched land soaks the water in…how healing to the heart and soul, as the dust and heat get washed away in the cool, life-giving downpour!

I have posted this before; but will probably do it again and again…nothing describes my thoughts as much as this wonderful poem

and all those innumerable rain-poems that I grew up reading in Bengali literature….

Lovely, my heart dances and I can’t stop smiling…until I think of those who are not lucky enough to have shelter.