Been Away....

March 29, 2007

I bet I haven’t been missed….but I had a weekend at Yercaud with friends,and then 4 days in Delhi to attend a wedding,and then KM’s board meeting….

Have lots of lost thoughts, as there’s been no access to the internet….just looked through my flisst now,and caught up on stuff like Bharat Matha winking, cell-phones vanishing, movie reviews, computer woes in London, and so on…

I do have some nice pictures because a. we went to Okhla Bird Park and Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and b. the place we are staying in has an amazing variety of trees and birds…including peafowl (they strayed in naturally, apparently)….It’s been a wonderful week.

The funny coincidence was taking photographs of the yellow-toed green pigeon here and finding it on 's page as well....but wait till you see my pics of various birds singing! I *am* getting better.

Back to Blr tomorrow….chores waiting, preparations to be made….