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March 16, 2007

Click on this for info about the nest(s) of the Social Spiders

That article is by S. Karthikeyan (Karthik), who conducted the Naturalists’ Training Program that I attended. He was with the WWF for 17 years; and is very knowledgeable about many apsects of the natural world. He is now the Chief Naturalist of JLR

And here’s the picture….

Nest of the Social Spiders

You can see two of the little critters on top of the nest (it’s more like a condo/apartment building!)

Here’s another view of their “developing website” in the morning light:

Social Spiders Nest View

Spider Web on Bamboo, in Dandeli: Spider Web on Bamboo Shoots, Dandeli Another web in Lalbagh: Website Lalbagh 12 Mar 07 The wolf spider's nest, with it inside the "funnel": IMG_0091 Wolf spider's nest close up The Giant Wood spider's web: IMG_0311 Giant Wood Spider and Web

Ah, I did want to collate all that “web info” (mind you, that is just from places just within the state of Karnataka!) Now I can have this for reference…