When we go to the same place...

March 12, 2007

I was going through my LJ friend’s page, when I remembered the anecdote about two brothers who gave in identical essays on the topic, “My Dog”. When asked why, they said, “Ma’am…we both have the same dog!”

Why did I think of this story?….well….here are 's pictures of the Dandeli trip


Green Bee Eater: Green Bee Eater Blue-Capped Rock Thrush: Blue capped Rock Thrush Drongo: Drongo Malabar Pied Hornbill (photo by KM) Malabar Pied Hornbill And the Malabar Grey Hornbill: Malabar Grey Hornbill with fruit

The fact is that, in each case, it really WAS the same bird that we were photographing! (The differences in the photographs lie in the fine job of post-processing that Amogh does.)

(I never even got to see the Eurasian Martin, and KM’s shot of the Asian Paradise Flycatcher was ruined by his having the wrong settings on the camera. Otherwise they would have been here too.)

…It might have been much easier for one of us not to take the camera, and just take xeroxes of the other’s photographs…!

So, to make sure I am one up, here’s one photo that Amogh could NOT have taken.

Presenting the bird that loves the forests, the Taller Tick-Bitten Lens Ogler…

The Taller Tick-Bitten Lens-Ogler