Lovely poem

March 5, 2007

From the LJ of ...thanks!

Mohsin Naqvi Sahab (that’s the poet.)

ret par likh ke mera naam mitaayaa na karo aankhen sach bolati hain pyaar chupaayaa na karo

log har baat kaa afsaana banaa lete hain sab ko haalaat ki rudaad sunaayaa na karo

[rudaad = story]

ye zaruuri nahin har shakhs maseeha hi ho pyaar ke zakhm amaanat hain dikhaayaa na karo

shahar-e-ehasaas main pattharaav bahut hain ‘Mohsin’ dil ko shishe ke jharonkhon main sajaayaa na karo

Rough translation:

Don’t keep writing my name in sand and erasing it. The eyes tell the truth: don’t keep hiding it.

People make big stories out of every little thing Don’t keep telling everyone the story of your condition

Not everyone is a Messiah (saint); The wounds of love are precious: don’t keep showing them

In the city-of-feelings, there are many stone-throwings; Don’t keep your heart in a window of glass.

I haven’t been looking at poetry for a while….the world is full of things to do and see and read and experience…oh my, so much to do and so little time!