Mild Rant

March 4, 2007

I didn’t feel like playing Holi as I do detest that pink Holi powder. I don’t know what dyestuff it is but it STAYS. I just went downstairs to take a few photographs.

The ladies said, gaily, “But you must have at least a tikka on your forehead!” and I thought it was rude and churlish of me to refuse even that, so I extended my head…and got my whole face and neck smeared.

I really am looking through rose-tinted spectacles at life now…my cream top is, I think, destined to be a pink-spotted top forever…and it took me ages to carefully get the gulal bits off KM’s camera(they fell on it even though I held it as far away from myself as I could) while the possible “colourful” words he might use, if the camera malfunctioned, echoed in my head….

When you are willing to go a little extra, people make sure it’s more extra than you actually want…either one feels guilty about not doing something, or feels bad about having done it!

I am changing my name to Rosie for the next week or so.