Holi, the Festival of Colours....

March 4, 2007

Today lots of people are celebrating Holi, the festival of colours. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, with colours bursting forth on all sides. Well..in India spring and summer are not very much different….

Here are a couple of snaps of Holi revellers; first the boys…

Holi, 4 Mar 07 two

You can see a boy with his “colour gun” at the ready!

And then the girls….

Holi 4 Mar 07 one

I notice that the boys and the girls (these were taken in my apartment building) keep themselves to themselves…revelry, it seems, is still gender-reserved! No more Amitabh-Rekha on-screen and off-screen sizzling-type scenes like Rang Barse …probably a good thing given our teeming population!

Happy Holi-Day, everyone! Anyone who asks for it will get the translation of the song-lyric…

Another picture of two happy Holi faces on Metroblogs, at