First pictures from the INW Dandeli meet

February 19, 2007

Let me start with the disclaimer. I was made to realize that these photographs are not “technically” good; the fuzziness of the beating of the wingtips apparently spoils the photograph and it is not worth printing or otherwise displaying….but that’s to a perfectionist.

To me, it’s different. Firstly, that’s the Southern Birdwing, one of the largest butterflies in this region. I do not know when I will ever get an opportunity of photographing it again. This is the first time I have seen it.

And then, the fact that even in a photograph like this, the wingtips are still quivering fast enough no make that “fuzzy” effect, shows the speed at which the butterfly’s wings must be beating….what a delicate creature,and what a metabolic rate it must have! To me, it is an example of life at its quickest…so here’s presenting the Southern Birdwing, on a bract of bougainvillea.

Southern Birdwing on Bougainvillea

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Here’s another view of this beauty:

Southern Birdwing on Bougainvillea ...side

The wingtips are still quivering away!

But here, in a somewhat larger perspective, the creature seems more at rest:

southern Birdwing Closeup


I think that I shall never be good enough to post pictures to forums like India Nature Watch….but on my own LJ, I can enjoy myself without worrying about my level of perfection or otherwise!