common plants of St Louis

January 19, 2007

As I wandered around, Looking for cardinals and hawks Here are the common plants I found Amongst the grass and the rocks.

Perhaps soon, some kind soul Will give them a name; But even if the whole Set is’s all the same!

So here goes:

These wood-coloured flowers reminded of the lady who sells( sold) dried flowers just opposite Koshy’s restaurant….

4 plant in St Louis

These are the berries that the mockingbirds feed on…they look so pretty!

3 plant in St Louis

And here’s a plant that made such a blaze of orange against the afternoon sunshine, I couldn’t resist taking a snap.

2 plant in St Louis

I will also be posting a lot of pics of plants that I photographed as I walked around in San Marino, LA…they are garden plants, but no less beautiful because of that….