Things that I am going to miss about the US

January 19, 2007
  1. Walking around. Pedestrians have rights here; there are pedestrian crossings where traffic actually stops; sidewalks are clean; there are NO stray dogs or beggars (well, VERY few beggars, and no one who accosts you and demands money of you)

2.I am lucky enough to live near a lot of greenery in a large park…this is something that is very important to me.

3.There is absolute peace and quiet throughout the day in the house…no random phone calls and doorbells and sudden visitors.

4.NO noise pollution at all. I am not looking forward to the traffic noise again.

  1. My child, and the rest of our family, are definitely nearby. No need to cross half the world to see them.

  2. It’s lovely to see the differences and the similarities in the culture of our two countries.

7.I enjoy cooking for people who appreciate it; no nitpicky comments!

  1. I enjoy going and seeing the HUGE variety of stuff available, without ever wanting to buy any of it. The US has so much of FUN stuff!

  2. I enjoy seeing good design in many, many things..for example, the way sidewalks are tapered to the road-level at crossings, travel mugs which prevent the liquid from spilling, the concept of consumer rights…

  3. Superb roads, with lane discipline in force everywhere. This makes for orderly traffic. Also, excellent signage. In St Louis, in fact, it says, “XYZ road, next signal.” Road signs are placed on lamp posts parallel to the road themselves. Road signs exists at ALL intersections.

  4. Listing on food items giving the nutrients/fat/ protein content.

I will think up a few more…