The Dance of Life

January 11, 2007

We were so lucky to be able to watch and document this…photos were by KM, at the Insectarium in the St Louis Zoo.

Don’t look for crispness…he was following these butterflies as they flitted about and around each other.

Yes, we watched...and KM documented... two Common Mormon butterflies mating. Here they are: 1 mating of Common Mormon The one with the red markings is the female. The male flitted behind her, so ardently and faithfully, wherever she went, and the two fluttered by, now here, now there....following the courting couple was a tough task! 2 Common Mormons mating But then, he got closer to her, and they were getting there.... 3 Mating of Common Mormon And finally, the mating of the Common Mormons.... 4 Mating of the common Mormons A great sequence that he got on camera..wish we had a video camera!

Truly, the Dance of Life….