People on the net who cant read....

January 11, 2007

I belong to an egroup, in which I am NOT an active participant. For the past month I kept on finding messages like this one:

“I requested to remove my name from your mailing list. Plese (sic) do it. Krishnan”

I saw even funnier messages, like:

“I am receiving un solicited mails from this address . It is offence to send un solicited mails . please take all action to stop this menace . If I receive one more mail I will be forced to take legal action . Please take this as a final notice “

(This is a music-club related egroup, for goodness’ sake!)

So, purely in an altruistic spirit, I wrote an email to the egroup, suggesting the following…

“Anyone who wishes to have their email removed from the egroup just has to send an email to

and it will automatically get done, There is no need to keep requesting other people to do it.


Of course, I promptly got this message (addressed, of course, to the entire egroup!)


Please remove my email from the group. Thanks.

Regards, Shankarans”

What on earth….??? And I thought I was totally internet un-savvy!

The internet has many sources of entertainment…