Great poem by Rockwell Kent

January 11, 2007

Poem by Rockwell Kent Dear Sir, You ask me how to buy Great art for your collection. You’ll pardon me, therefore, if I Am frank in this connection. First, then, avoid the purchase of Whatever gives you pleasure, For probably the things you love Are bad beyond all measure. Beware the dealer’s guiding hand And grasp it with misgiving; He knows that you know nothing, and That’s how he makes his living. All studio receptions shun And Greenwich Village dances And when you meet an artist, run Like mad from his advances. Mistrust all articles on Art And critic’s expositions; From dilettantes stay apart, And shy at exhibitions. In fact, one single rule I know Which possibly may aid you, And that is simply this; lay low And trust in God who made you. And when you’re sure a thing’s not great And know that you don’t like it, Buy it at once; don’t hesitate; And ten to one, you’ll strike it.

Rockwell Kent

Part of the exhibit on the writings, works and paintings of Rockwell Kent, the famous artist of Maine, at the Portland Museum of Art, visited 6th of September, 2005.