Common birds in St Louis

January 10, 2007

I went gallivanting with my camera after my miserable failure to get a good shot of the Cardinal, after which the St Louis baseball team is named. The Tamron lens is a whole new animal and my learning is slow…but yesterday I did get these pictures, and helped me id one which is pretty famous in literature:

Northern Mockingbird

That’s the Northern Mockingbird (it’s common in the South and rare in the north, Yathin says, a perfect reason why it should be called the Northern Mockingbird!

Here it is again…

Northern mockingbird

and again. It has a complex songs and imitates so well that it has been given the name of Mockingbird:

another view of the same bird

If ANY of you haven’t read “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, or haven’t seen the movie in which Gregory Peck stars …you have missed something wonderful, go and get the book and the movie asap.

and here is the American Robin (no, it wasn’t robbin’ anything, it was just hopping around looking for insects, I guess.)

American Robin

And here’s a Northern Bobwhite, which I found running around the fallen leaves:


Still have a little time to look for the elusive cardinal and get a decent I said, every time I go behind one of these feathered fiends (NO mistype there) and am dying without a good snap, my respect for all those bird photographers goes up further into the stratosphere…!