The LJ Jinx

January 1, 2007

I have been trying to meet so many LJ-ers…, (return times to his town \from Portland, Maine, didn't work) then (family/wedding commitments didn't leave us enough time to visit herin Hartford, enroute to our flight out of Boston), then (either we, or she, would have needed to do a 4 hour drive to meet) , and now, (who is too unwell to do the train ride to LA) and lastly, (who seems to be out of town and has not answered my messages so far though I am scheduled to visit her tomorrow) far, it's been unmitigated non-success....

I suppose I should learn the lesson that there is a REASON why people on LJ don’t meet in person! Making all the phone calls and setting up all these meetings, with back-and-forth calls to the local hosts, has taken up so much time and effort…only to end in nought!