Success with Flickr...Bird pics from St Louis Zoo

December 16, 2006

While I was trying to figure out Flickr on Linux and why the “uploadr” wouldn’t work, I noticed…that I could now EMAIL my pics to Flickr!!Wow! So here come the pictures of some birds that I took at St Louis Zoo, on the 14th of December…

NOW…please remember, these were taken with a lens entirely new to me, and a situation entirely new to me (indoor, low-light photography)…so the usual disclaimer stands redboubled…these are documentation shots of exotic birids, not great photographs of them!

Also, the wire of the bird cages got in the way and you can see them as stripes down the pictures…there was no way I could avoid that!

Here’s the Bateleur Eagle (its shadow on the wall behind makes the left-hand side look a little weird):

Bateleur Eagle, St Louis Zoo IMG_0749.JPG

The Mottled Owl: Mottled Owl, St Louis Zoo, IMG_0706.JPG The Tawny Frogmouth: a picture for Twawny Frogmouth St Louis Zoo, IMG_0725 JPG The Hyacinth Macaws, the picture doesn't do justice to their lovely deep colour: Hyacinth Macaw, St Louis Zoo, IMG_0746.JPG The White-Cheeked Turaco-- this bird was as clownish as its appearance suggests and was playing about actively all over the enclosure!: IMG_0722.JPG White-cheeked Turaco, African continent IMG_0722.JPG The Channel-Billed Pelican: Channel-billed Pelican, St Louis Zoo, IMG_0741.JPG The Spectacled Owl: Spectacled Owl, St Louis Zoo, IMG_0751.JPG The Superb Starling (so called because of its iridiscent plumage...apparently the person who named it hasn't seen a Peacock or Monal Pheasant!: Superb Starling, St Louis Zoo </lj-cut> I got FAR better pictures of butterflies yesterday...the Tamron lens works really well as a macro lens! Will post them next week...! Feedback welcome....