Butterflies...and cubs next week, Inshallah

December 16, 2006

Today I did my usual walk to the Zoo, and decided to spend time in the Insectarium, specifically, in the butterly area…and I managed to get some …er…nice pictures (that Tamron lens works WELL as a macro lens I must say.) I had such a great time.

The email I sent to the Zoo guest services got an “out-of-office” response, so I talked to someone at the information desk and soon got to meet someone in the Education Dept with my request to see the cheetah cubs. I was told that if Steve Bircher, the curator, ok’s my request, I can…wheee!

Came back walking briskly in the cold, through the gloaming (ha, that’s a nice old English word for twilight!)…came in thoroughly chilled and am nursing a hot cup of coffee as I type. Life has such simple, unalloyed, great pleasures to offer…

Am still unable to drag and drop from Picasa to the Flickr uploader; will try later tonight, or on Monday.