It *must* be lonely at the top....

November 29, 2006

Just musing about excellence…and I must say, I am comfortable with being on the way there than being there (not likely in any field either!)…it’s so comfortable being among the million duffs all shambling along in amiable company at the bottom, comparing mistakes and making fresh ones each time, and being ecstatic during the times, by fluke, when one gets something right…how lonely it must be to be at the pinnacle of perfection, the object of envy (or worse, jealousy), not knowing if, having reached a peak, one can keep that up, or trying to deny the fact that the most likely way now is downwards….separated from one’s peers by the vast expanse of one’s achievement, bereft of any but the company (often competitive) of other stars whose egos are likely to make them tsars….I think this is one of the reasons why I like to learn new things all the time. There is such happiness in being a beginner, one has NO facade, no standards, to keep up or live up to, one can make the most ghastly mistakes and cheerfully own up to them!

No, this is NOT a sour grapes post, either, oh you uncharitable people out there! I really do enjoy repeated duff-dom….learning and being a beginner keeps me…to use that awfully over-used phrase….young at heart.