The Crimson Rose

November 28, 2006

As I wandered around the campus of Spicer, one of the companies that KM consults for (the factory is midway between Hubli and Dharwad), I got this snap of the Crimson Rose butterfly:

<IMG height=349 alt=”IMG_0302 Crimson Rose B’fly” src=”” width=500>

And the side view, too…photographing butterflies is hard, frustrating WORK!

<IMG height=500 alt=”IMG_0298 Crimson Rose, side view” src=”” width=468>

Butterfly…the name is a corruption of “Flutterby”, which was what they were called, with good reason! You aim your camera…you steady it… alMOST click…and the thing has….fluttered by! Wait for more pictures from the Dandeli trip…..